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About us

Hello and thank you for stopping by.  My name is Ian and I'm the owner here, I started The Tea Annex after I moved back home to Southwest Michigan and I couldn't find many of the things that I had come to love over the last decade of my life, namely; tea, spices, and the things that can help to elevate a home cook and their kitchen.  The name Tea Annex comes from my desire to be a small part of the larger Market building in which we reside and to contribute to our shared dedication to providing quality, specialized goods including world class cheese, wine, beer, produce, art and so much more. I hope to provide people with a space to explore, discuss, and learn about the wonderful and wide world of fine teas and foods.  In pursuit of that goal, I will continue working to source and track down exceptional goods from local producers and worldwide vendors alike.  Bottom line, know that if a product is on my shelf I stand behind it and almost certainly use it in my own life so please feel free to ask questions, correct my misconceptions, or just spend a few minutes talking about why tea is the greatest drink that there is ;)

I genuinely look forward to seeing you in the shop, know that all are welcome here.